Sex with an Audience anyone?

Public –v- private sex

The website ‘Ask Men’ has a page that lists 7 public places to have sex. Just in case you needed some inspiration.   So let’s examine their list…

1. THE MALL. This clearly gives a new meaning to the words ‘retail therapy.

2. EMPTY UNIVERSITY CLASSROOM. I’m thinking an empty room is a private room, so how does that qualify as public sex?

3. THE PARK. Communing with nature and all that. Would also work well if you like including insects in your sexual practices. The couple below are public but it doesn’t look as though they have a huge audience. Someone must be having fun taking the photo! Bet they wished they had a video camera.

4. ON A TRAIN.  The rocking motion could be beneficial I guess.

5. CEMETERY. What to say to this suggestion? Am I the only one who finds this idea disturbing?

6. GOLF COURSE. That’s a game you’re sure to remember.

7. COAT CHECK AREA. The website states ‘this could be at a wedding, for example.’ Indeed. They go on to say that cloakrooms are often empty. Again – guys are you missing the point here?

Then again, some places have a more aphrodisiac effect. A music festival, for example…..


You can find the entire article at: http://au.askmen.com/dating/love_tip_250/251b_love_tip.html

The Ask men website assures us that more women are turned on by public sex than you might think. Really? I remember a particular boyfriend I had who had a serious fascination with the idea. Everywhere we went he’d suggest a little public fandango; Parking the car outside the pub, amongst bolts of fabric in a haberdashery shop, by the side of the highway… The greater the audience the more excited he became.

You might say we weren’t terribly compatible in that area so the relationship inevitably died. Am I the odd one out in this scenario though? Do women really like to do the naughty in public?

Thousands of people post videos of themselves masturbating and having sex. It doesn’t get much more public than that. I’d be terrified a family member or someone I worked with would come (excuse the weak pun) across the site. Then again, maybe that’s the appeal?

Apparently this phenomenon has completely destroyed the porn industry. Why pay to watch a peroxide blonde being pounded by a man with a handlebar moustache when you can surf the web and find countless ‘real’ couples going at it?

The site ‘Beautiful Agony – facettes de la petite mort view’ is a perfect example of ‘amateur porn.’ People post videos of themselves masturbating to climax. However, the site is unique in that it only shows their faces. Women I’ve spoken to have all agreed this is a much greater turn on than watching genitals smacking together. It costs money to get access to all the videos, but they have a rather titillating preview video you can watch for free. Here’s the link:


At the end of the day the most important thing is to have a partner who gets turned on by the things that you find arousing. If you both like to get it on out there with an audience, it’s happy days. Maybe not so happy for the audience…..







2 comments on “Sex with an Audience anyone?

  1. I think most of the scenarios listed fall in the category of ‘Risk-of-Discovery Sex’ rather than ‘Sex in Public’. Regardless, there’s something to be said for the adrenaline rush that comes with having sex in a what-if-we-get-caught kind of place. Not that I’d know anything about that, mind you. Just…ya know…sayin’…


    Anywhoo… I’m surprised Sex On An Elevator didn’t make that list…

    • Very good point Mrs. Fever. Researching for the article I found lots of photos of people ‘caught in the act.’ To my surprise it seems doing the wild thing in the car is popular for all ages – not just teenagers.
      Getting caught used to mean someone seeing you and spreading the word.
      Now someone sees you and the next thing you know the video of you with your pants down and feet in the air has had 10 000 downloads on youtube! Oops!!
      Then again….maybe the higher risk heightens the excitement??

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