Isobella Blye

Be Be OH my Be Be!

In my youth it was my pleasure to introduce a few of my friends to the delights of a vibrator. Just in case you were wondering, I wasn’t actually present when they.. ahem…enjoyed the benefits so to speak. A couple I took shopping to the amusingly named Tool Shed. Dildo’s, vibrators, whips, crutchless undies, rows and rows of porn […]

Warm Pink to Red HOT – my new book of short stories

Out now via Smashwords and soon to be available at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Deisel, Itunes and more. Enjoy! Visit my Smashwords page to buy ($0.99):

Yawn, stretch, and OH!!

There is a medication out there that can cause you to have an orgasm when you yawn. I shit you not. There I was all set to write a blog about how being tired makes sex a challenge. I thought it’d be a good idea to put in picture of a yawning man (see below). […]

Sexual Accidents and the Gerbil Experience

Oh the education I’ve had since starting to write erotica. Fact really is stranger than fiction. Take the following from an article that questions if ‘gerbil stuffing’ is real or an urban myth. Below are actual items that have been found inserted into various body cavities. It seems the rectum is the favoured repository of…..well…… anything […]

Sex with an Audience anyone?

Public –v- private sex The website ‘Ask Men’ has a page that lists 7 public places to have sex. Just in case you needed some inspiration.   So let’s examine their list… 1. THE MALL. This clearly gives a new meaning to the words ‘retail therapy. 2. EMPTY UNIVERSITY CLASSROOM. I’m thinking an empty room is […]

Sex. Why you should have more of it!

Most people have sex. It’s a fact. We have it to make babies and we have it to express with our bodies ultimate intimacy with another human, to name a couple of motivators. A google search on the benefits of regular sex comes up with zillions of responses. For some reason people like to put […]

Hide your sexuality with sunglasses

So If you don’t want to reveal your sexuality then you better keep those shades on. Is THAT why celebrities often wear sunglasses during interviews? Cornell University have just published results of research into pupil dilation and what it reveals about sexuality. 300 participants in the study were shown 30 second clips containing ‘erotic stimuli.’ […]